epure  was created in 1998 and becomes acb epure architects sprl  in 2009.

epure Architects covers the full tasks of architecture, from preliminary design to completion and a wide range of project types including offices, housing, retail, home for the elderly, etc.

epure Architects has worked on projects in and with clients from Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, France & Egypt

epure Architects  believes that the architecture’s quality lays in the perfect adequacy between client’s and user’s needs and the project. Thus, whichever type or size of project –housing, offices, retails, renovation or new construction-, the approach follows the same procedure : in close collaboration with the client, Epure Architects will first asseses the context in which the project will be developed (Client’s needs, timing, financial, social, physical, environmental…). This assessment will also highlight the priorities and constraints, and thus contribute in designing a consistent project

epure Architects practices a contemporary architecture, future orientated and innovative, yet inspired by the past and the environment in which projects are developed and evolve.

epure Architects is always looking for new solutions and developping new technologies to answer the projects’ specific needs. architecture should also respond to environmental imperatives, and thus fully integrate sustainable development in the design and development process.

Although our aim is to keep our structure’s size in such a way that every project is personally supervised by the mains architects, Epure Architects belongs to a partnership** (architectural, engineering and drafting offices) which enables to handle large scale projects while respecting planning constraints, even in the most particular cases.

This partnership also enables epure Architects to encompass a wide range of competencies and services.


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Our partners are specialists in the following fields :

Town Planning


Space Planning & Facilities Managment


Interior Architecture