The challenge of this project is to transform an existing fully individual offices organisation in a new global open space.  All the people working on site are executives profil type. 

The image of the company is also a concern : nice, comfortably, but not exuberant. 

We also integrates products from Aliaxis in the  design of the offices


With a development -on the Belgium site only- from 40 to ±400 peoples in less than 6 years, the project has to be flexible.  Open space is the solutions.  Only a few individual offices, and lots of meeting rooms.  To improve the communication between people, we avoid corridors. we design lots of bubbles spaces, game room etc.

Orascom Telecom

Mainly due to resolve the poor ratio façade / sum of the floors (along industrial depot) :

- the  open space places are situated along the façades, while the individual offices and meeting rooms are placed in the second line.

- to save room, In order to create polyvalent spaces the main meeting room is design with glass panel that can be converted from fully transparent to translucent.  Combined with a specific image projection system, it makes that meeting room a multi faces / purpose room.